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How to create mobile apps without coding

May 18, 2020

Mobile apps have changed the way the world functions and have especially revolutionized business operations. They’ve made it possible to communicate faster, collaborate better, and do business with added ease. Young entrepreneurs everywhere are looking to have mobile apps of their own. A business website is good, however, with a majority of Internet users using mobile apps for all their needs, mobile apps for every business have become the need of the hour.

Why does one need mobile apps in the first place?

Nowadays a business doesn’t look credible to people unless they have a mobile app - either iOS or Android or both - with a good number of downloads. Mobile apps are also incredibly important for e-commerce businesses. They make it easier for people to access your services since not everyone prefers to shop on a laptop. Mobile apps also make it easier for people to shop on the go.

Even if you are not an e-commerce business, you still need a mobile app to increase your brand’s visibility, boost user engagement, and do better business. With such high requirements in mind, it can get quite tricky and if you need to create a mobile app. The UI needs to be perfect and it should be light enough for people to download and install on their phones quickly. The entire process of creating a mobile app is tough especially when you do not have any experience in app development and coding.

Whenever we use a mobile app, we always wonder about the amount of tech that goes into it. Experienced coders work day in and day out trying to create a bug free working mobile app that won’t break down when numerous people start using it.

Earlier we believed that mobile apps could be developed only by experienced app developers who had years of knowledge working in the field. However, there are now numerous hybrid hybrid application development methods that allow you to get an app developed with absolutely no experience in coding. One such solution is Kaddra - Asia’s leading mobile commerce solution.

Develop mobile apps for your business without coding

Handy mobile app builders allow you to develop apps with incredible ease and you need absolutely no experience in coding. The UI of these handy mobile app builders are incredibly easy to handle and you can add features without any problems. The dashboard is equipped with all features you’d like to use and all you need to do is select what all you would like to include in your app.

You can easily upload product pictures and even manage inventory and pricing. These app builders also have a marketing tool functionality where you can start segmented marketing campaigns and show exclusive offers.

For e-commerce businesses, you can also set up system integrations with payment gateways in simple steps. This will allow your customers to make purchases through your app itself. They won’t have to be redirected to your website to finish the purchase. The best part about an app builder is that not just do you not need any technical coding experience, they also help you with app testing. The app you have created will go through rigorous testing to make sure it is 100% bug free.